City of All: Audio Collage

City of All: Audio Collage

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For this project, we reached out to people from around the world, inviting them to share a short voice clip completing the sentence: 'My city is...'

Audio clips

The responses we received were both surprising and diverse, reflecting the global nature of our audience. I compiled these voice messages to create a unique sound collage. In addition to the voice clips, I incorporated environmental sound recordings that hold significance to the artists. These recordings capture the places they grew up, the trains they take to visit their families, their favorite museums, and other memorable locations.

Video footage

Once the sound collage was composed, I focused on the visual aspect of the storytelling. I filmed abstract representations of places connected to Makèz. The choice of abstract forms was intentional, as it allows viewers to concentrate on the audio rather than the visuals. I wanted to keep the footage generic, showcasing images that can be found in multiple cities. By taking this approach, I aim to create a relatable experience for the audience, as the visuals are not directly tied to a specific city.

The video for 'City of All' is a captivating exploration of the diverse voices and shared experiences found within different cities around the world. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in the audio journey and connect with the universal themes woven throughout the album.