ADE Line-up announcements

ADE Line-up announcements

Mary Go Wild, Our House, Club Air
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Mary Go Wild, Our House, and Air - ADE Line Up

I had the privilege of creating a promotional video and posters for a collaborative event featuring prominent venues during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE): Mary Go Wild, Our House, and Air. The goal was to showcase their combined artist roster and amplify their reach.

Inspired by old school rave posters with a touch of the 90s, both the video and posters were designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia and capture the vibrant spirit of the era.

Promotional video for the ADE program

I was tasked with creating a captivating promotional video. The objective was to incorporate historical fragments of the house scene to captivate the attention of the scrolling audience.

In the video, I strategically included iconic moments like the 'Techno Viking' that appears in the opening seconds of the clip. By leveraging these historical references, the video aimed to grab the viewers' attention and ignite their curiosity about the event.


Poster design for the line up announcements of Mary Go Wild, Our House and Air