About me

I'm Kees — Music Producer and Digital Designer

As a young teenager, I began DJing at parties and our local radio station. Soon after, I started organizing my own events in nearby clubs. To save costs and fueled by my passion for design, I took on the task of creating visual content like flyers, posters, and logos. Gradually, I gained recognition for my eye for aesthetics, leading me into the world of freelance design. Alongside my pursuits as a music producer and DJ, I continued honing my design skills.

Over time, my love for music and design converged. Today, I create captivating visuals for record labels, events, and fellow artists. My own record label, Sonic Soil, and the artist duo Makèz serve as both a creative outlet and a humble platform for my artistic expression.

What I do as a designer

As a media designer, I bring ideas to life. Depending on the concept, target audience, and intended channels, I create a diverse range of visual and auditory expressions. With my broad skillset, I assist brands in enhancing their (online and offline) visibility. This is achieved through graphic design, web design, photography, video (animation), and audio design.

In 2020, I graduated as an Interaction Designer (CMD) from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Throughout my studies, my focus increasingly shifted towards improving the user experience surrounding a product or brand, also known as UX Design.

Two years later, I proudly received my Master's degree in 'Music Design' from the HKU. During this two-year Master's program, I explored the symbiosis between my work as a UX designer and my passion for music. I concluded this program with a thesis on 'artistic profiling.’

My role as music professional

As a passionate member of the DJ and producer duo Makèz, I thrive in the world of music. With a specialization in mixing, arranging, and transforming ideas into reality, I possess a keen sense of what works and what doesn't, enabling me to make clear decisions throughout the production process.

With over a decade of experience as an independent artist in the music industry, I have collaborated with various musicians, labels, and vocalists to craft exceptional material for our duo. However, my passion extends beyond our own projects, as I also assist other artists in developing their unique sound through my expertise in mixing.